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Elevate Your Space With Our Spectacular Construction Service

Welcome to DIS LLC, your go-to destination for an unparalleled construction service that transforms spaces into dreams. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the spectrum of services that we offer. So, if you are in Federal Way, WA, book an appointment today!

Our Spectacular Renovation Services


We understand the pivotal role of a solid foundation. Our concrete services, especially concrete installation, guarantee durability, precision, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're starting from scratch or enhancing existing structures, our experts ensure a robust foundation that withstands the test of time. So, turn to us now!


Renovate your space with our remodeling expertise. From minor updates to complete transformations, we bring creativity and precision to every project. Our construction contractor collaborates with you to turn your vision into reality, ensuring your space reflects your style and functionality requirements. So, book an appointment today!

Asphalt Work

Asphalt Work
Asphalt is not just a practical choice. It can enhance the curb appeal of your property. Our asphalt services cover everything from driveways to parking lots. With a keen eye for detail, we deliver smooth and visually appealing surfaces that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics. So, hire us now!


From concept to completion, our quality construction company offers comprehensive construction solutions. Our expertise extends to diverse construction projects, including residential and commercial buildings. We prioritize quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction in every endeavor, ensuring that your construction journey is seamless and satisfying. So, hire us now!

Why It’s Ideal to Hire the Right Person for Your Construction Needs

Undertaking a construction project is a substantial investment, and hiring the right professionals is crucial. Professionals know technical matters. They bring the expertise needed to navigate complexities. That can guarantee that they handle everything precisely and adhere to industry standards. They also understand legalities. That is why they can comply with local regulations without any trouble. Apart from all of that, they know how to manage their projects. They ensure everything is settled, like schedules, budgets, and resources. This organized approach ensures a smooth and stress-free construction experience. Also, they can identify potential challenges early on, devise strategies to mitigate risks, and ensure the project progresses without unnecessary setbacks. So, hire them rather than doing the task alone.

Why Choose Us for Your Construction Needs

We take pride in being a trusted company, prioritizing craftsmanship, and using top-tier materials. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your project is completed and exceeds industry standards, guaranteeing longevity and satisfaction. We also don’t have a hefty price tag. We offer transparent pricing and cost-effective solutions. That makes us a reliable choice for projects of all scales. Also, we are experts and skilled. Plus, we are committed to customer satisfaction. So, you can guarantee that we will do everything to meet your standards and give you what you want. So, why not hire us?

Our Helps Nearby Areas

Beyond our projects in our neighborhood, our company is committed to making a positive impact on nearby areas and helping them address everything. Here are the places we also serve:

  • Browns Point, WA
  • Lakeland South, WA
  • Lakeland North, WA
  • Gig Harbor, WA
  • Fife, WA

Are you looking for an affordable construction company to help you with your construction needs in Federal Way, WA? If so, DIS LLC is the name you can count on. For inquiries, call us at (253) 357-6198 today!

Client Testimonials
by Nancy.B on DIS LLC
Fast and Reliable

We just got our driveway done and I’m in love with what they did to my driveway.I bought the place and the driveway looked awful.Glad I found Maria and her crew. Very friendly and respectful. Highly recommended.

Federal Way, WA 98023
Phone: (253) 357-6198

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